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ZAAM is out on Steam NOW :)

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Our new Game "Zaam" is moving along great you can wishlist it on steam:

updates at: @alonzubin

owo gamers


i just read the title... so where's the horor tag?



can u makeit for windows c:


for all those confused lemme quote a part above the download.

Install instructions

Windows build - extract and play

-It's Always Monday- have very deep meaning about some jobs in which person just working as machine with no specific identity. Im not sure im right or wrong but feel free to let me know!

What platform is the download for? Windows?

make it for windows

okay, does anyone know how to turn down the volume for this ? I'm trying to film a video and I cant even hear myself over the music cause its so loud !

I have a problem everytime I try to launch it says"

There is no application set to open the document “it's always monday 0.3.rar”.

Search the App Store for an application that can open this document, or choose an existing application on your computer.

Hey you need to extract the .rar

it is veary fun

I find that the game is sad,but that doesn't mean i'm not! ;-]

It always seems like those days huh? Feeling like its the same day like 5 times a week. Anyway, I had a blast playing it. #relatable 

This was a very good game! Great job! :D

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Took three years to finish but left me satisfied

The concept of this game is one of the nicest concepts I've ever seen. It may seem redundant to most of the people, but it's being redundant because that's how life is even if you are facing problems nor in a cage locked in your own world.

It truly is an awesome experience. Hope to play more games made by Alonzu!

Hey Alonzu, I am doing research for my graduation thesis on the representation of "work" in indie games. Could I contact you for an interview?

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This game was really really interesting, It really made you think about all those jobs that you hated with a passion and everyday just seemed like the same day. Great job!


This game was really really interesting, It really made you think about all those jobs that you hated with a passion and everyday just seemed like the same day. Great job!


I really enjoyed this game when I played it a while back, definitely makes you think alittle bit!

Interesting game to play!

It says 'not available on windows' help?

install in google chrome or whatever you search in

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The art style of the game is just beautiful. Everything runs smoothly, never a problem. The ending was really unexpected.

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I played through this on my channel if anyone wants to see how this game looks:)

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Covered this on my channel!

[I have minor complaints and criticism every once and a while, but that's about it. I liked it!]

I really enjoyed playing this game, so I made a video on it.


1 question, pls:

32 - 64 bit, pls, i need some help


I like this game. I think people who work on offices can relate on how grueling it is to do the same process and lifestyle each day, and it makes those who aren't, aware on what's happening. It is a good game overall and it kinda amazed me that this game is singlehandedly made. Also you can check out my playthrough, if you want to :)

Really enjoyed this little game :) made a video on it if you'd like to have a look


This game is realy good and interesting!

וגם אני מישראל



משחק מדהים, רואים שהשקיעו בזה המון מחשבה ויצירתיות.

בנוסף, מצאתי את המשחק בזכות לטספליי של jacksepticeye:

מקווה שתזכה להערכה רבה :)

חח ראיתי את הסרטון וראיתי שרושם בעברית על הקופסא של הלחם

i am from israel too


Question, are you from israel? or do you know Hebrew? Because on the burekas box i saw words in hebrew that said: Bread is Barman

i saw it too.

are you from israel???

Although I am not the developer, I have indeed met him in a convention where he was able to show his game while let others play, me included. Yes, the developer is from Israel, as well as the whole team, playtesters, etc.

Cool let's play

Hey are you the creator of the game?

hey, I don't know if the reason why you created your game was a cry for help, but I know when I was upset my emotions came out in my art, so if you need someone to talk to about how your feeling you can contact me here: or here 908-370-5896