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it's always monday - is a first person exploration game which deals with the theme of modern existentialism. You will see the world through the eyes of Bob and play your way through. Bob just woke up from a dream and is starting to realized that all of his life has been a lie. As you explore, a meaning will come forth and the paradoxes of life might start to make sense. Will you help Bob find his true meaning?

The story is being told through the game mood, characters and visual storytelling.

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Published102 days ago
Tagsits-always-monday, Life Simulation, office

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Windows build - extract and play


it's always monday 0.3.rar (130 MB)


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I really enjoyed this game when I played it a while back, definitely makes you think alittle bit!

Interesting game to play!

It says 'not available on windows' help?

install in google chrome or whatever you search in

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The art style of the game is just beautiful. Everything runs smoothly, never a problem. The ending was really unexpected.

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I played through this on my channel if anyone wants to see how this game looks:) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXYF-OD-v58

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Covered this on my channel!

[I have minor complaints and criticism every once and a while, but that's about it. I liked it!]

I really enjoyed playing this game, so I made a video on it.


1 question, pls:

32 - 64 bit, pls, i need some help


I like this game. I think people who work on offices can relate on how grueling it is to do the same process and lifestyle each day, and it makes those who aren't, aware on what's happening. It is a good game overall and it kinda amazed me that this game is singlehandedly made. Also you can check out my playthrough, if you want to :)

Really enjoyed this little game :) made a video on it if you'd like to have a look


This game is realy good and interesting!

וגם אני מישראל



משחק מדהים, רואים שהשקיעו בזה המון מחשבה ויצירתיות.

בנוסף, מצאתי את המשחק בזכות לטספליי של jacksepticeye:

מקווה שתזכה להערכה רבה :)

חח ראיתי את הסרטון וראיתי שרושם בעברית על הקופסא של הלחם

i am from israel too


Question, are you from israel? or do you know Hebrew? Because on the burekas box i saw words in hebrew that said: Bread is Barman

i saw it too.

are you from israel???

Although I am not the developer, I have indeed met him in a convention where he was able to show his game while let others play, me included. Yes, the developer is from Israel, as well as the whole team, playtesters, etc.

Cool let's play https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSidmVFdCXY

Hey are you the creator of the game?

hey, I don't know if the reason why you created your game was a cry for help, but I know when I was upset my emotions came out in my art, so if you need someone to talk to about how your feeling you can contact me here: Nikpez_17@yahoo.com or here 908-370-5896